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  • Overseas marketing specialist Number of Recruits: Release time:2021-01-18 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:College
    Job descriptions:
    1. Responsible for the operation of B2B/B2C websites such as Alibaba International Website, Amazon, Made in China and English official website
    2. Responsible for the overall planning and promotion of Alibaba International Website, including product release, page update, product keyword ranking optimization, website activities, etc
    3. Plan online marketing activities or SEO promotion plans and carry out them to improve the click-through rate, pageview and conversion rate of Alibaba International Store
    4. Obtaining market trends, competitive product trends and customer demands, and identifying market opportunities
    5. Regularly collate and analyze various operational data (including customer demand, traffic analysis, etc.), write operational analysis reports and put forward reasonable suggestions
    6. Responsible for the overseas social media and community operations of the company brand (such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), develop and carry out relevant promotion plans


    1. College degree or above, with mature thoughts of Alibaba international website operation, more than 1 year of independent operation experience of Alibaba international website
    2. Familiar with the operation process and rules of Alibaba International Station and other platforms, proficient in the operation of foreign trade through train, with successful keyword ranking cases
    3. At least CET4, excellent reading and writing skills, no barriers in reading, browsing and content writing
    4. Proficient in Photoshop, AI and other design software
    5. Familiar with SEO optimization and SNS communication
    6. Overseas working and studying experience or foreign trade e-commerce related experience is preferred
    7. Short video creation experience is a plus
  • Intelligent safety cabinet engineer (Intelligent products of web of Things) Number of Recruits: Release time:2021-01-18 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:Barchelor
    Job descriptions:
    1. Responsible for the design, development and management of intelligent products of the Internet of Things, and promote the systematic and platform-based application of intelligent products;
    2. Pay attention to the development trend of intelligent products of the Internet of Things in the industry, and analyze the product strategies of competitors;
    3. Responsible for new product instructions, patent document, product certification and testing and other related operations;
    4. Responsible for product technical exchange and support to foreign countries, solving product problems, etc.


    1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, with related working experience in electronics, automation and communication;
    2.Familiar with product development process, familiar with mechanical product design and development;
    3. Familiar with 3D software (Solidworks) and 2D software (AutoCAD);
    4.Familiar with PLC principle, have some experience in hardware integration development is preferred;
    5. Good at using office software;
    6. Have good communication skills, work under pressure, have team spirit, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
  • Logistics supervisor Number of Recruits: Release time:2021-01-18 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:Barchelor
    Job descriptions:
    1. This is a position as warehouse logistics supervisor, independently take charge of the work of logistics department, provide guidance or support to junior members and supervise their daily activities;
    2. Make and carry out the logistics working plan, summarize and improve the logistics work norms, targeted 5S management of the company's warehousing and assessment standards;
    3. Supervise and guide the logistics work, study and solve the problems occurred in the logistics work, and make the logistics work priorities;
    4. Arrange the delivery of goods and track the arrival of goods according to the order requirements and logistics methods of the sales department;
    5. Made warehouse stocking plan according to sales plan and purchasing plan, and coordinated the relationship with external logistics providers.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in logistics, transportation management or economic management is preferred;
    2, 5 years or above working experience in logistics operation field, 2 years or above management experience, with OEM material storage, freight transportation and packaging management experience is preferred;
    3. Familiar with logistics operation process and related standards and specifications, with professional operational skills in logistics, transportation and warehousing, and strong sense of service;
    4. Proficient in computer and office software, familiar with ERP system operation;
    5. Good communication, organization and coordination skills, strong analytical and problem-solving skills, proactive, hard-working, strong sense of responsibility, able to work under great pressure.
  • Logistics specialist Number of Recruits: Release time:2021-01-18 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:College

    Job descriptions:
    1.Responsible for warehouse receiving and delivering goods
    2.Responsible for warehouse system goods in storage operation
    3.Responsible for the inventory and purchase of the accessorial materials in the warehouse
    4.Cooperate with purchasing, customer care, sales and other departments
    5.Responsible for after - sale warehousing, adjustment, installing of warehouse assembly

    1.Can drive forklift, have forklift license, college degree or above

  • Finance intern Number of Recruits: Release time:2020-09-29 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:College
    Job descriptions:
    1. Issue and deliver sales invoices
    2. Sort out and bound accounting vouchers
    3. Bank service, etc.

    1. Full-time college degree or above
    2. Proficient in office management software
    3. Have strong learning ability, work carefully
    4. Good communication, analytical skills, team work spirit, strong sense of responsibility
    5. At least 2-3 days a week
  • BD Channel Development in North China (local home office in North China) Number of Recruits:1 Release time:2020-09-29 Working place:Shanghai Minimum education:Barchelor
    Job Descriptions:
    1. Lead and achieved the sales target of biopharmaceutical, university, medical, laboratory, industrial manufacturing and other industries
    2. Actively develop channel providers and large terminal customers in the matched industries in Beijing and Tianjin
    3. Trained channel vendors and end customers
    4. Understand the market development trend of the core industry, and plan to participate in relevant market activities
    5. Participated in bidding for large projects together with channel providers


    1. Bachelor degree or above in science and engineering, more than 3 years experience in key account development and channel development;
    2. At least one year of customer development experience in related industry;
    3. Passionate about sales work and willing to accept challenges;
    4. Integrity, optimism and initiative.
    (This position is Home Office)

    Salary composition: Annual total income = basic salary *12+ monthly sales commission + other company routine benefits + year-end bonus + annual bonus for overcompletion of annual salary up to 200,000-300,000 RMB

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Sysbel has always been committed to creating a good working environment for every employee, building a good development platform, continuously improving the working environment, increasing labor compensation, and creating more career development opportunities. In order to ensure that outstanding talents can stand out, sysbel provides key guarantees from the aspects of system and system. The company breaks through the barriers of career development channels such as administrative, professional and technical, management, marketing, and skilled workers. Employees can choose career development methods according to their own needs and the actual situation of the company. sysbel provides employees with a variety of ways to achieve their own career development, through self-recommendation, branch recommendation, competitive employment, qualification certification, and human resources department inspections to discover and train talents.

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