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WG6000AD-便携式洗眼器_使用图2的副本 3.jpg
WG6000B__3 2.jpg
WG6000AD-便携式洗眼器_使用图2的副本 3.jpg
WG6000B__3 2.jpg
SYSBEL Portable Eyewash Station(30 L)
Product Introduction Specification The product application Product Packaging Accessories
Product Introduction Apecification The product application Product Packaging Accessories
Product Introduction

SYSBEL Portable Eyewash Station(30 L)

The eyewash is to temporarily slow down the further harm of harmful substances to the body in emergency situations such as when toxic and harmful substances (such as corrosive chemical liquids, etc.) are splashed on the body, face, and eyes of the staff, or the staff’s clothing catches due to a fire. Professional medical assistance to obtain emergency equipment for a certain period of time. As an emergency protective equipment, the eyewash has the role of maintaining the occupational health and safety of employees. It is widely used in chemical plants, university laboratories, scientific research institutes and wastewater treatment plants. The Occupational Safety and Health Association of America (OSHA) clearly stipulates to provide workers with a "safe and healthy working environment." OSHA has also specially formulated safety standards and regulations aimed at improving the working environment of employees. For example, in 29CFR 1910.151, in places where human eyes or bodies may be exposed to harmful or corrosive materials, appropriate equipment should be placed in the work area for rapid flushing of eyes and body in emergency situations.

The eye/face wash device independently invented and launched by SYSBEL is equipped with a unique nozzle to spray out a balanced height of bubbling water and a radial water column. It can rinse the eyes gently at a lower speed, and also rinse the face area, quickly and effectively remove the dangerous chemicals splashing on the eyes and face.

Portable Eyewash Station's features

It is made of polyethylene, and its raw materials comply with the FDA Regulation on Polyethylene Portable containers clauses (C) for food contact use. It has high strength and good toughness. , Strong rigidity, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc.;

Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles, using the principle of gravity to generate water pressure and deliver the water to the two eyewash nozzles;

ABS plastic nozzle, food-grade silicone cover;

Pull open the rubber cover to carry out emergency flushing quickly and quickly;

The drain hole set at the bottom is convenient for the operation of regular replacement of the flushing liquid;

The three supporting feet of the base make the placement more stable, leaving ample operating space when carrying;

It is suitable for outdoor work or workplaces without water supply and drainage facilities. It can be installed and fixed on the wall as required to provide timely professional protection;

It is recommended to empty the liquid in the eyewash unit every week as needed, and clean the parts of the eyewash unit well;

Equipped with a wall-mounted back panel.

Portable Eyewash Station's advantage

1, Mobile waste cart adds portability and even holds the unit, also, collects waste water;

2, Perfectly equipped with WG6000A and WG6000B;

3, After placing on the cart, the spray heads are located between 83.8-134.6 cm from the floor, which comply with ANSI Z358.1-2014;

4, Highly visible yellow, rugged polyethylene construction is well suited to long term use in harsh environments;

5, Built in handle for easy transport is great for use on remote site;

6, Petcock on the bottom for easy drainage;

7, Comes equipped with two rigid casters in front and two swivel casters with "Total Lock" brakes in back;

8, Includes clearly marked eyewash signs;

9, Cart has 37.5-gallon (142 liter) capacity and measures 86 H x 61.5 W x 52 D (cm).


Portable Eyewash Station parameter

product type

protable eyewash station

model name WG6000B
water capacity(L/gal) 30/8
flow speed(L/min) 2.6
flushing time(min) 9
main material PE
G.W.(kgs) 7

ANSI Z358.1

AS 4775




Ext size(H*W*D/mm)
package size(H*W*D/mm) 357*635*360

The product application

protable eyewash station application:

protable eyewash station with mobile waste cart1

operate eyewash station

eye wash

Product Packaging

protable eyewash station package:

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